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Our school trip to London

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Recently some students from our school have taken part in a trip to London, which is the capital of the United Kingdom. We started our journey on 8th May (Sunday). We left our school in the afternoon by couch, which was pretty convenient. Possibility of watching movies (naturally in English) during travelling made our road a bit nicer and quite amusing. After a long journey we finally reached the Eurotunnel.

Crossing the Strait of Dover under water was a very exciting experience for all of us – train which reaches incredible speed under water with cars, trucks, buses and passengers is surely an unusual event, isn’t it? When we arrived in London in the morning on 9th May (Monday) we were slightly tired due to the overnight driving across Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. On Monday at the very beginning we had a pleasant experience. While we were waiting for our train, two police officers came to us and one of them asked us in Polish (which demands more polishing in my modest opinion) where we were from. With the use of the most common mode of transportation in London (Underground and Overground) we reached the Buckingham Palace. There we saw the changing of the guard at noon. Then we started a walk across London. We could see Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus. We finished our first day with a visit to the Natural History Museum. Was could see many sophisticated attractions (for example skeletons, sculptures and other interesting items). Tuesday was the best day for Harry Potter’s fans because we visited Warner Bros Centre where we could see props, scenes, plans, characters and other things, which were used in Harry Potter films. Moreover, we saw the political heart of London: Downing Street 10 (Prime Minister’s house), Big Ben, British Parliament and Trafalgar Square. Wednesday was pretty demanding for our minds, English skills, geographical knowledge and partly physical abilities due to our trip to Bath. There are very old Roman baths and other remains of Romans’ presence in England in Bath. After visiting The Roman Baths our teachers divided us into 4 groups, gave us maps and ordered us to carry out the tasks on the list. We were obligated to find important places and monuments in Bath. As you should already know, the rivalry was quite bitter, but everyone was happy and glad to take part in the game! Thursday the 12th May gave us lots of amazing and incredible information about London! We visited Tower Bridge, the Tower of London. The Tower of London made me especially amazed. There were many interesting exhibitions about history of war methods. Moreover we could see many original crowns, which were worn by many British kings! Then we took part in a cruise on the river Thames and we reached Greenwich. After visiting Greenwich we went to our couch and started long journey home, Poland. Personally, I think it was a very decent trip and I would like to visit London more often in the future. Moreover I would like to say thank you to our teachers and the tour guide. Thanks to them the atmosphere was extremely nice and pleasant.

London and Bath 2016


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