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Olivier Twist

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On the seventh of October a few classes went on a school trip to the cinema ,,Apollo”, where we were to watch a spectacle called ,,Oliver Twist”. At about 10:35 the classes gathered in the main hall. Teachers checked whether everyone was present, and after that we were ready to go. At about 10:50 a coach full of students drove from school to our destination. The travel itself did not take too long, so we were at the cinema at about 11:20. After handling a few organizational matters, we could finally watch the spectacle.

,,Oliver Twist” spectacle is an adaptation of a novel written by Charles Dickens. The plot concentrates on a young orphan named Oliver, as he escapes from a workhouse and unintentionally joins a gang of pickpockets. Of course, the storyline is a lot more complicated than that, but I don’t want to spoil too much.  There is a lot of humor in this spectacle, yet sometimes it can be serious or even sad, which is really good, and makes it much more interesting to watch. The actors’ performance on stage was excellent. The costumes were pretty good. The props were OK., although they could have been a bit better.  Still, the best thing in this whole spectacle was the fact that the actors performed in English, so we had a chance to test our language skills. We came back to our school at about 15:10, and that was the end of the trip.

All in all, it was a great school trip. Having the chance to test our language skills was marvelous, and also the spectacle itself was nice. I would love to participate in more of this kind of trips.

Wojciech Pękosz

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